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  • Check Back Frequently for Updates on the 2024-2025 School Year!


2024-2045学年校历即将发布! Check back later! 


• Please note that any and all calendar dates are subject to change. 
•有关即将到来的日期的问题,请联系. Stephanie Lorenzo P'26, Director of Communications, at

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Dress Code & 统一的需求

Important Links


Any student trying out for a sport needs to have an updated annual physical form uploaded to his or her Magnus account. For general questions about our athletic program, please contact Mr. Brian McCartney '04 P'26,网址 



  • Boys Soccer

    大学选拔8/19 & 8/20 @ Aviator - 8 - 10:30 am.  请发邮件给潘塔教练@ for more details.

    JV Tryouts 8/19 & 8/20 @ Aviator - 8 - 10:30 am. 请发邮件给Barone教练@ for more details.

    We invite all incoming and returning soccer players interested in trying out for the Xaverian Soccer Program to join our summer conditioning program.
    Program Details:
    • Dates: 7月8日至8月9日(星期一至星期四).
    • Location: 棒球场在湾岭公园路(75街)和海岸路
    • Time: 上午8:00 - 9:15(请于7:50到达)
    Action Required: 请填写这张谷歌表格 2024年男子合资足球选拔赛  for the 2024年男子合资足球选拔赛, regardless of your attendance in the summer program. This helps us know how many players to expect at the tryouts on August 19th.

    • The summer conditioning program is not mandatory but highly recommended for those serious about playing high school soccer.
    • It will help you understand the physical demands of the sport and build the necessary fitness for the season.
    • Participation in the summer sessions does not guarantee a spot on the team, 不参加选拔赛也不会成为你的不利因素.

  • Girls Tennis

    8/20 & 8/21 @ JJ Carty Park (Fort Hamilton Parkway & 97th St.)  8 am – 12 pm. Preseason practices will begin for all that make the team 8/22. 请发邮件给阿尔弗雷多教练@ for more details.

  • Football

    Voluntary workouts will start the second week of July from 9:30 am - 11:00 am Monday - Thursday at Xaverian and will continue until 8/8. 季前赛将于8月17日星期六开始.  请联系方丹教练@ for more details.
  • Dance

    Tryouts will take place on August 22 at Xaverian 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm. Please email  欲知详情. 

  • Step

    Tryouts will take place on 8/20 at Xaverian from 12:30 to 4:30. 请发邮件给洛伦佐教练:slorenzo@xaverian.网站查询详情.

    快船队被鼓励在7月参加两次STEP诊所. 如需报名,请浏览
  • Girls Volleyball

    8/19 & 8/20 in the school gym 8 – 10 am for all returning JV and Varsity; 10 am – 12 pm for all new / incoming players. Please email Coach Marie Raico for more details.

  • Boys Cross Country

     报名将在开学第一个完整的星期进行. Please email Coach Brian McCartney for more details. 

    *If interested, 整个夏天, members from the team meet to go for optional runs every Monday and Thursday at Owls Head Park at 9:15am, they meet in the park at the benches along 68th Street where it intersects Narrows. 这些不是实践,也不是团队的强制性要求.

  • Bowling

    选拔赛将在开学的第二周进行.  Please email for more details.
  • Girls Soccer

     8/19 & 8/20 @ Aviator - 7 -上午10:00.  请发邮件给Meagher教练@ for more details.

  • Cheerleading

    选拔赛将于8月19日上午10:30 -下午4:30在Xaverian举行. 请发邮件给Richroath教练@ 欲知详情. 

    Please note that all Clippers who make either the JV or the Varsity team will be expected to attend sleepaway Cheer Camp from August 27-30. 啦啦队营将收取500美元的费用. 

  • Girls Cross Country

    报名将在开学第一周进行.  Please email for more details.




  • Dance

    For more information, please email Maggie Comer at
  • Flag Football

    For more information, please email Victoria Burgarella at
  • 越野赛道

    For more information, please email Ann McCartney at
  • Volleyball Clinics

    For more information, please email Ann McCartney at
  • 校内的篮球

    校内篮球将在春天开始. For more information, please email Frank Elie at
  • Cheer

    Genesis Cheerleading will begin in September, with tryouts after school begins. 请给Jessica Healey发邮件至jhealey@xaverian.Org获取更多信息.

Back to School FAQ


  • 有高中年级的供应清单吗?

    No. 没有高中水平的供应清单. Students will receive instruction upon their first day of classes when their teachers will give them each a syllabus outlining the course. 

    学生们应该带上充电好的ipad, a notebook, 和钢笔和铅笔在外围博彩平台的第一天. 
  • 我什么时候能收到iPad?

    6th, 9th, and transfer students will receive their iPad on their orientation day. 

    Students will be given a case and charger; they are welcome to purchase a keyboard and stylus for their new devices. 
  • 我有储物柜吗?

    所有创世纪的学生都会分到一个储物柜. 学生的储物柜需要一把密码锁. 

    All returning high school students will retain their locker from last year. 所有高中新生都会得到一个新的储物柜. Your locker and locker combination will be posted to your Harbor account by orientation day. There is no need to buy a lock, the locker has a built in lock. There will be time to go to your locker during your orientation sessions.
  • 校服的要求是什么?

  • 健身中心对学生开放吗?

    The fitness center is open to students daily from 2:30PM to 3:30PM. 
  • 我在哪里吃午饭?

    Students in all grades 6-12, will eat lunch in the cafeteria or in Alumni Hall on the 3rd floor. Students are free to choose which location they would prefer to eat. Lunch is available to purchase in the cafeteria, or they can bring their lunch from home. 
  • 我什么时候能拿到地铁卡?

    Students who are eligible for a metrocard (based upon their home address) will receive theirs in their homerooms during orientation week.


再次欢迎回家! 我们期待着九月份与您见面.


Established in 1957, Xaverian is one of thirteen schools nationwide sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.